Under pressure to make an arrest in an unsolved triple homicide (April 22, 1993) and a double armed robbery/attempted murder (July 4, 1993, Orlando was eventually acquitted of these charges) that took place in three of the most affluent communities in Riverside County, the Sheriff’s Department and District Attorney’s Office filed false charges and fabricated DNA evidence in order to achieve a conviction. This is not the first time.

Uncontested evidence in the case of People v. Orlando Watley proves that Sheriff’s Deputy Daniel Gregonis played a direct role in fabricating and falsifying DNA test results against Orlando Watley in order to assist Riverside County authorities in framing Orlando for an unsolved 1993 Palm Desert triple homicide.

Sheriff’s Deputy Daniel Gregonis played a direct role in fabricating and falsifying DNA test results against Orlando Watley

Orlando has consistently maintained his innocence and declares that he did not commit this crime, took no part in it and had no knowledge of it. He has unjustly suffered the past 25 years of his life in the California prison system.

The exonerating evidence is contained in 133 pages of transcribed evidentiary testimony and records proving that falsely rendered DNA test results were produced through blood evidence tampering, fabricated DNA testing, falsified lab records and false testimony delivered by Gregonis and other state actors.

This is not the only evidence of Gregonis’s willingness to tamper with and falsify forensic test results that are favorable to, or requested by equally corrupt law enforcement authorities. In the case of Death Row inmate Kevin Cooper, four, 9th Circuit Court Judges dissenting from a ruling to deny Kevin Cooper a rehearing, supported Circuit Judge William A. Fletcher s opinion that there’s a strong likelihood state actors tampered with a vial of Kevin Cooper’s blood and falsified blood test’s against him before and after his trial. Circuit Judge William A. Fletcher’s opening sentence stated “The State of California may be about to execute an innocent man”, and went on to mention Gregonis’s name 13 times in connection with the blood evidence tampering that produced false DNA results against Cooper.
See: Cooper v. Brown 565 F. 3d (2009) pages 1,14,15,24,25.

Kevin Cooper’s attorney Norman C. Rile reviewed the 133 pages of exonerating evidence in Orlando Watley’s case and en May 6th, 2009 just five days before the 9th Circuit Cort ruling in Cooper’s case,Norman Rile wrote a letter to Orlando Watley acknowledging Daniel Gregonis’s corruption in both cases.
See: Letter from Norman Hile.

Daniel Gregonis’s criminal conduct has also been exposed in a recent ruling where Superior Court Judge Brian S. McCarville threw out the murder conviction of William Richards, based on the existence of what the Judge called a fundamental doubt in his mind as to the accuracy, reliability and credibility of the evidence and testimony presented by Gregonis and other state witnesses. Judge McCarville described the exonerating evidence as pointing unerringly to William Richards innocence.
See: In re William Richards, On Habeas Corpus ,2010 Cal. App. Unpub. Lexis 9284, pages 1,2,7,8,10.

This recorded history of Daniel Gregonis’ s clear patterns of corruption and misconduct can no longer be ignored and swept under the rug in plain sight! Some of the highest courts and elected officials have proven to be ineffective or simply unwilling to correct and stop these blatant abuses of authority which amount to gross violations of constitutional, civil and human rights! The general public, along with any civil rights & human rights groups, the legal and scientific communities, plus the mainstream media must speak out NOW with demands and solutions to correct and prevent these obvious miscarriages of justice!

Join us in our efforts to set Orlando Watley free. Please work with us to get the expert opinions, legal representation and media exposure necessary for the courts, the Governor of California, or even the President of the United States to finally acknowledge and reverse this nightmare of injustice that has already robbed this innocent man of nearly two decades of his life.